The Whiteboard animation: Topo’s greatest Classic

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The Whiteboard animation at TopoVideo’s

 it is getting serious!

You would like a Whiteboard animation? You just knocked at the right door! At TopoVideo’s, we have only experts: illustrators, writers, voice-over actors, animators, directors…

The Whiteboard animation idea is really simple. An artist draws on a whiteboard with a felt pen. It is like the comics of your story! But what is a story without a storyteller? A voice-over is here to narrate it. It is called storytelling. It is how we captivate your audience.

Discover our Whiteboard animations creations:




How does it work?


The TopoMethod : the 4 steps of the Whiteboard animation

Step 1 : The Script

Step 2 : The Storyboard

Step 3 : The Voice-over

Step 4 : The Animation

At the beginning of the project, thanks to a brief and an interview, our redactors are going work to write you a captivating, original and simple story.

On Storyboardun, you are going to choose the artist who will draw your whole script. You’ll get a wonderful storyboard!

You are going to choose the voice-over which will narrate your story. It is going to be registered in a studio.

Then, the animators will give life to the storyboard with a whiteboard animation effect, add the voice-over, the sound effects and the music.

Why TopoVideo ?

A dedicated project manager

It is the TopoConductor! He is going to be your only interlocutor and is going to follow you on your whole project.

An online platform

An online platform to manage your planning, your informations, your drawings and voice-over choices… you are going to love our production simplicity. 

The TopoTouch

Our writers have more than 15 years of experience in simplifying messages. They are our TopoTouch.

Your planning

We make a tailored planning at the beginning of your project. You are going to be able to follow each production step from your hammock on the beach… it depends on where you work.

Your Topo, just yours

You want to use your TopoVideo’s drawings for your communication? It is free (except exception)! You just need to ask us.

We play fair

We detail our quote and we sign our project only if you agree. No (bad) surprise, only one word: transparency!

How to get a business proposition for your whiteboard animation project?

The TopoTeam is available +33 (0)1 76 41 03 98 or by e-mail at

Arthur Floc'h


Founder – Director



Sales Manager


Business Developer

TopoTrick : Here are some tips to prepare your phone interview or your e-mail, because they are going to ask you a few questions…


  • Which TopoVideo style do you like?
  • What is your objective? Your target?
  • What is the duration of your TopoVideo?
  • The script writing: you or us?
  • When do you need your TopoVideo?
  • And then, do we have to forecast options (subtitle, translation, vignette…)?