Our expertise = Whiteboard Animation Video


Since 2013, TopoVideo offers a unique service:

Using a pen and a whiteboard, an artist illustrates an idea in real time, while a voiceover provides an explanation. A whiteboard animation video tells a story, which simplifies the most complex messages.

TopoVideo agency is composed of 8 whiteboard animation experts. More than 40 artists are involved in the process to successfully complete your projects.

A unique production style in our studio, which assures the quality of our creations.

Vidéo dessinée Homme

How it’s done in 120 seconds

Phase 1:  Script

After an initial discussion, we will clearly set out every stage of the project for you:

  • We begin with a meeting to explore your project

  • If you have decided to write your own script, we will assist you

  • If you would prefer us to draft the script, we will hold a meeting with our scriptwriter


Phase 2: Storyboard

Once the script has been approved, we will discuss together the artwork for your TopoVideo:

  • We will work together to produce a ‘Pre-storyboard’ (which acts like a brief to guide our artists).
  • You choose your preferred style of drawing. Then, we draw one scene with the final style applied in order to validate your choice.
  • Our artists will then produce the Storyboard on a graphics tablet (a scene-by-scene description of the video). Please take note, our drawings are produced in HD and you can use them as you wish, following the end of the project.

topovideo dessinateur 2

Phase 3: The Voice-Over

You get to choose which of our actors you would rather to do the voiceover for your TopoVideo. The actor is recording in a professional studio.

TopoT Voix off2

Phase 4: Producing the whiteboard animation

Our animators use the drawings to create the video. We then combine the results with the voiceover, sound effects and background music. And voilà! Your TopoVideo is ready!

  • The whiteboard video is made available by a download link in your preferred format (HD, iPhone, iPad, YouTube, mov, mp4, etc.).
  • Now it’s time for you to publish your video online. We will provide you with everything you need to do that successfully.


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